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Privacy Policy & Terms

The following policies are applicable to the online arm of The Perseus Books Group and all associated imprints, including Basic Books, Basic Civitas, Da Capo Press, PublicAffairs, Running Press, Vanguard Press, and Westview Press.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and The Perseus Books Group is committed to protecting it. We collect certain types of information about visitors to our websites, and here is an explanation about the types of information we gather and what we do with it.

Information Collected by Vanguard Press and The Perseus Books Group

VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com collect identifying information from users: personal data (such as names and e-mail addresses); and aggregated data (such as information about traffic patterns on our websites, for example how many users visit our websites on a daily basis).

Personal Data

Personal data is collected when users voluntarily provide such information to VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com, for example in registering for electronic newsletters or other membership services, in answering surveys, and registering for online contests and other promotional opportunities provided by The Perseus Books Group or one of our imprints. Also, we collect the e-mail addresses of users who post messages to our message boards.

Aggregated Information

Aggregated information, such as which pages users access or visit and information volunteered by users, such as survey information and/or site registrations, is collected through various methods. For example, The Perseus Books Group collects IP addresses. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever one surfs the Internet. Web servers, the computers that “serve up” Web pages, automatically identify your computer by its IP address, and when you request a page from VanguardPressBooks.com or PerseusBooksGroup.com, our servers log your IP address. VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable, so although your session will be logged, you will remain anonymous to us.

Use of Cookies

VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com also use “cookies” to collect information. A cookie is a small data file that most major Web sites write to your hard drive for record keeping purposes when you visit them. Cookies allow VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com to measure activity on our websites to improve your user experience. For example by remembering your passwords and viewing preferences, thus allowing you to visit various member-only parts of our websites without having to re-register. Cookies are used by VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com to measure activity on our websites to make improvements and updates based on which areas are popular and which are not. We do not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent in a cookie. Except for personal information voluntarily provided by you (i.e., during membership registration or a contest), VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com do not use information transferred through cookies for any promotional or marketing purposes, nor is that information shared with any third parties whatsoever.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you'd prefer, you can set yours to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent. However, it is possible that some parts of our website(s), such as the member-only areas and shopping, contest and game areas, will not function properly if you do so.

Use of Information

VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com use both the personal and aggregated information we collect for multiple purposes. The information is used to improve content on our websites, to customize the content and/or layout of our websites for each individual user and to notify users about website updates or promotional offers or annoucements we believe will be of interest to you.

The Perseus Books Group may also share information with affiliates for internal business purposes and may divulge personal information if such information is subpoenaed, or if The Perseus Books Group believes that any user has committed unlawful acts, to acts that endanger the health or safety of another user or of the general public. In some situations, we will share your personal information, on a confidential basis, with third parties who perform a particular service on our behalf, such as sending e-mails. Also, The Perseus Books Group may be sold or transferred to another entity. Should such an event occur, customer information will of course be one of the transferred assets.

In addition, in the event VanguardPressBooks.com or PerseusBooksGroup.com plan to post any personal information on one of our websites, we will either notify you of this possibility when you provide the information and/or, if possible, when the information is posted.

Occasionally, we may post the name of a user (for example a contest winner) on one of our websites. The Perseus Books Group will notify you of this possibility when you provide your information or, if possible, will notify you when the information is posted.

Children and Privacy

The Perseus Books Group encourages parents and guardians to be fully familiar with the websites visited by their children and the content they are viewing. Occasionally, VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com will ask whether users are under the age of 18, or 13, for example when requesting personal information from users, or VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.comm may ask for parental consent. However, while we requests this information or permission, The Perseus Books Group and our associated websites rely on users to be truthful in responding to these questions.

Individuals Under 13

No information should be submitted to or posted to or on our websites by users under the age of 13 years without the consent of their parent or guardian. VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com and our associated websites do not provide any personally identifying information, regardless of its source, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever unless disclosed during collection. Users under the age of 13 are generally asked not to participate in contests or other promotional opportunities.

Individuals 13 Through 17

VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com request that children under the age of 18 do not submit or post information to any of our websites without a parent or guardian's consent. VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com may collect information, including personally identifying information, from users between the ages of 13 and 17, and with the permission of their parent or guardian this information may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com and may be shared with prescreened third parties. If a user or their parent or guardian changes their mind with respect to such use, such user, parent or guardian may stop that use by e-mail request or by calling our headquarters at 212-340-8100.

Message Boards

Please remember that information posted to message boards becomes public information. We suggest using caution when posting. Users under the age of 18 should be especially careful not to provide any personally identifying information while using chat rooms or message boards. As set forth in VanguardPressBooks.com’s and PerseusBooksGroup.com’s “Terms and Conditions” of use, users of message boards must follow acceptable standards of behavior when posting messages online.

Links to Other Sites

It is important to note that VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com contain links to sites other than VanguardPressBooks.com, PerseusBooksGroup.com, BasicBooks.com, BasicCivitas.com, DaCapoPress.com, PublicAffairsBooks.com, RunningPress.com, and WestviewPress.com and that those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com and their associated websites. For instance, if you click on a link, it may take you away from one of our websites and to an entirely different site. This can include links from content providers, authors, and partners who may use The Perseus Books Group logos and or styles as a result of a co-branding agreement. These sites may send their own cookies to you, and may collect data and make uses of it that VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com would not.

The use of any information or materials that you may access at these external sites is purely voluntary. You should not rely on their contents without independent and thorough review of the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, timeliness and correct sequencing. These external sites may also refer to specific commercial products, processes, or services by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise. Unless The Perseus Books Group has provided specific authority, such references in no way indicate our endorsement, recommendation or preference. This section should be read in conjunction with the full “Terms of Service,” below.

Additional Information

No transmission of data over the Internet is guaranteed to be completely secure. It may be possible for third parties not under the control of VanguardPressBooks.com and PerseusBooksGroup.com to intercept or access transmissions or private communications unlawfully. While we strive to protect your personal information, The Perseus Books Group cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us. Any such transmission is done at your own risk.

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, shall The Perseus Books Group be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of information or materials on our websites, even if The Perseus Books Group, one of our associated websites, or an authorized representative of The Perseus Books Group, has been advised of the possibility of such damages. This section also should be read in conjunction with the full “Terms of Service.”

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Please direct any questions or comments regarding these policies to the Perseus Books Group webmaster.


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