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The Delta Solution

An International Thriller
ISBN-10: 1593157118
ISBN-13: 9781593157111
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$7.99 US · $9.50 CAN
Published: April 2012

About the Book

New York Times bestselling author Patrick Robinson is back with the third thriller in his page-turning Mack Bedford series: The Delta Solution. For years, heavily armed Somali pirates have been capturing and holding for ransom massive cargo ships, violently demanding millions of dollars for their return. Each time an owner pays big for the return of their ship, the pirates immediately capture again, enraging the Pentagon. That is, until the "Somali Marines" make a big mistake, seizing at gun point two United States ships and demanding a $15 million ransom. Hero Mack Bedford, previously encountered in Diamondhead and Intercept, is deployed to SEAL Team 10 to form The Delta Platoon. His objective: obliterate the Somali Marines in the middle of the Indian Ocean, at all costs, once and for all.


"The high-action thriller lives on. Here is a rare tale that's not only ripped-from-the-headlines timely, but also so elegantly structured as to evoke comparisons with masters like Vince Flynn, Steve Berry, and James Rollins. An instant, surefire classic that is not to be missed." -Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Justice

"Readers will cheer as Mack and his team solve the vexing problem of Somali pirates." -Publisher's Weekly

"The third book to feature Bedford is the best yet as Robinson juggles a tense thriller with the hard questions raised by a culture that uses piracy to help its citizens. Fans of Stephen Coonts and Dale Brown should be in line for this one." -Booklist

"The Delta Solution is a must-read for anyone who loves action as well as for those interested in a timely and newsworthy topic." —Starpulse.com

"The Delta Solution is an intelligent, well-researched and quite suspenseful thriller. Patrick Robinson knows his trade, and he is good at telling interesting stories." —The World of Books/Leserglede Blog

"The Delta Solution is a fun and recommended military thriller, not to be overlooked for action and adventure fiction collections." -Midwestern Book Review
Patrick Robinson
About Patrick Robinson
Patrick Robinson is the author of seven international bestselling suspense thrillers, including Nimitz Class and Hunter Killer , as well as several nonfiction bestsellers. He divides his time between Ireland and Cape Cod. He is also the co-author of the recent New York Times #1 Nonfiction Bestseller Lone Survivor.

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