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Mothers of Reinvention

Reclaim Your Identity, Unleash Your Potential, Love Your Life
ISBN-10: 1593156839
ISBN-13: 9781593156831
$15.99 US · $18.50 CAN
Published: January 2012

About the Book

Ever felt lost in life and wished you could just "check out" for a while? Once you're a mom, that is not an option. You barely have time to take a shower, let alone take time off to escape from reality and explore your life's purpose beyond your family. So what's a mom to do? Welcome to Jen and Barb's The Mothers of Reinvention. At 40, both happily married, both with children, Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen were surprised to find that once they had everything they thought they always wanted, there was still something missing. Each with two kids in diapers, Jen and Barb set out on a journey to discover what it was they were still looking for and how to find themselves in the context of their families. And thus was their web series, "Jen and Barb, Mom Life," born.

Nearly five years, two seasons, and over 50 million views later, Jen and Barb have interviewed countless women and experts for their award-winning show, and now in The Mothers of Reinvention they share what they have learned. With chapters on finding happiness, navigating reinvention with yourself and your family, and tapping resources you may not have known you had, plus success stories of other Mothers of Reinvention, Jen and Barb shed light on the most pressing issues of contemporary motherhood to help other mothers find their place in the world and help kick-start their own reinventions.
Jennifer  Pate
About Jennifer Pate
Jennifer Pate is mother of two. A former dancer, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in casting, and became a partner at Colloff, Fishman and Britt Casting, where she was a casting director for television and film. For the past seven years, Jen has spent her time raising her children, doing charity work, and serving as the co-chair to the Parents' Association at her children's school. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.
Barbara  Machen
About Barbara Machen
Barbara Machen is a mother of twins. Growing up outside San Francisco, she was raised by a single mother on government assistance and was one of only seven students in a class of 500 to receive a full scholarship to a major university. By twenty-five, she owned her own marketing company, but after becoming a mother, she quickly learned how it felt to go from being a confident woman to being a scared and insecure mother. "Mom Life" was created to help women who don't necessarily have the love and support of family and friends and are venturing into motherhood alone. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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