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The Perfect Love Song

A Holiday Story
ISBN-10: 1593156731
ISBN-13: 9781593156732
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$7.99 US · $9.50 CAN
Published: August 2011

About the Book

Jimmy Sullivan has been living on the road with his brother, Jack, and his band the Unknown Souls for years. But when they return to a place Jimmy never wants to see again—their hometown of Palmetto Pointe, South Carolina—Jimmy falls in love with Charlotte Carrington. Now, with a soul full of fresh hope, Jimmy writes his first love song—for Charlotte. When he performs it at a holiday concert to a standing ovation, Jimmy finds himself on the brink of superstardom as the performance lands him a spot touring alongside famous country music stars. Jimmy is catapulted into a world where the trappings of fame and fortune reign supreme, and the hope that had once inspired him to write such beautiful, genuine lyrics is overshadowed by what the song can do for him and his career. As success ensnares him, his ties with Charlotte begin to unravel…. Alone on Christmas Eve, Jimmy finally sees that he is losing all that really matters. But is it a realization made too late?
Patti Callahan Henry
About Patti Callahan Henry
Patti Callahan Henry is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels: Losing the Moon, Where the River Runs, When Light Breaks, Between the Tides, The Art of Keeping Secrets, and Driftwood Summer. Patti is hailed as a fresh new voice in Southern fiction. She has been short-listed for the Townsend Prize for Fiction and has been nominated for the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Fiction Novel of the Year. She is a frequent speaker at luncheons, book clubs, and women's groups, where she discusses the importance of storytelling. Patti lives with her husband and three children outside Atlanta on the Chattahoochee River.

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