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Precious Cargo

A Novel of Suspense
ISBN-10: 1593155387
ISBN-13: 9781593155384
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$7.99 US · $9.99 CAN
Rights: World, excluding UK and Commonwealth
Coming June 2009

About the Book

Charlie Noble, former coast-guard-officer-turned-marine-PI, is back. This time, he is hot on the trail of a human trafficking scheme that begins in Mexico…and ends in murder.Still reeling from the untimely death of his wife, Charlie begins to warm to the idea of a second chance at true love with new girlfriend Kate Sullivan. These plans are quickly docked when boating friends Marvin and Angela Baynes come to him with a horrifying discovery—the body of an unidentified young woman impaled on the flukes of their boat anchor. The Bayneses themselves lost a child years ago. No stranger to loss, Charlie finds it impossible not to help them—even though it could mean putting his new romance in jeopardy. Charlie enlists a friend, Raven, a Native American salvage diver. Together, the pair plunge beneath the waters of Puget Sound to seek out any clues about the identity of the dead woman and how she wound up there. But they find more bodies instead—all young, all female, all Hispanic. Soon Charlie finds himself navigating a course that leads him through the choppy waters of transporting human cargo, and right into the seedy underworld of the Northwest’s sex trade.With its fresh, nautical flavor, riveting mystery, and incredible depth of humanity, Precious Cargo is a winner from Clyde Ford that is truly unique—and compulsively readable.


" Precious Cargo delivers a genuine punch, the kind that leaves the reader to ponder long after they have turned the last page. Clyde Ford is an authentic voice with a clear, deep and abiding knowledge of what motivates human conduct, good and bad. He has crafted a story with a solid sense of place, the fog shrouded inlets of the North Puget Sound, and a character, Charlie Noble — Ford's ‘scruff of the neck’ investigator. Precious Cargo is a gripping read that will stay with you as long as you have memory.”
-Steve Martini, New York Times bestselling author of Shadow of Power

“Clyde Ford writes with grace and dignity that he imbues in his protagonist Charlie Noble. Precious Cargo is a first rate mystery with characters you won't soon forget, a plot that keeps you up late at night turning the pages, and an ending that will surprise even veteran mystery readers.” -Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Jury Master

Precious Cargo is as genuine as the sea. Dive in and enjoy!”
-Elizabeth Lowell, New York Times
bestselling author of Blue Smoke and Murder

Precious Cargo is an unforgettable portrayal of the beautiful and dangerous world of the coastal Northwest, with a smart, tough hero who lets his humanity show through”
-Barbara Parker, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark of Day

“Clyde Ford knows a great deal about crime and the human spirit, and he writes about them beautifully.”
-Robert B. Parker, New York Times bestselling author of Now and Then?

“This fast-paced thriller grabs readers and holds them to the end.”

“Ford keeps the suspense high and smoothly propels his story to a satisfying conclusion.”
The Seattle Times

“Strong characterizations, authentic surrounds, and striking prose.”
Library Journal

“Author Ford, a trained psychologist and expert on African mythology, mixes solid suspense writing with thought-provoking human takes on some of the hot-button sociopolitical issues of the day…Intelligent and action packed.”

“Ford has a great ability to weave a mystery around a subject that is very timely. This is hardboiled and literate at the same time proving once again that this genre may really be the best window to the world around us.”
Crime Spree Magazine
Clyde W. Ford
Chara Stuart
About Clyde W. Ford
Clyde W. Ford is a mythologist, trained psychotherapist, and sought-after public speaker. He’s also a critically acclaimed author of nonfiction and fiction. He writes the Charlie Noble Mysteries, suspense thrillers set in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a guest on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” NPR, and other radio and television programs around the country. Clyde lives in Bellingham, Washington. He writes aboard his 30-foot Willard trawler, and cruises the waters of the Inside Passage.

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