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The Dark of Day

A Novel of Suspense
ISBN-10: 1593155182
ISBN-13: 9781593155186
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$7.99 US · $9.99 CAN
Rights: World, excluding UK and Commonwealth
Coming May 2009

About the Book

C.J. Dunn is an expert at spinning her clients’ image in the media. She’s the perfect lawyer to deflect police interest in Rick Slater, head of security for Bob Shelby, a U.S. Congressman from Miami. Slater was seen at a South Beach party with the recently vanished Alana Martin, and in election season, any hint of scandal could doom the Congressman’s chances. C.J. has reasons not to like Slater’s boss, but, if she succeeds, friends of the Congressman have assured her they can arrange a spot for her as a legal commentator on a national media outlet. For a woman living alone, with few close friends, a celebrity life has its appeal. But as the media close in, hounding everyone connected to the case, C.J. finds connections she had never anticipated. When Alana Martin is found dead and C.J.’s investigator implicates Rick Slater, C.J. is slammed between the media and the need to defend a client she no longer trusts. Then he delivers a bombshell: C.J.’s daughter, Traci Willis, the child she gave up for adoption seventeen years ago, was a friend of Alana Martin’s. Traci has information that could save Rick Slater, but at the same time could reveal a devastating secret that would put C.J.’s career, and even her life, on the line.


The Dark of Day is Parker's best. She creates an unforgettable protagonist—a smart lawyer who is up against Miami's politicians and power brokers, and the demons of her own secret past. The suspense is hotter than South Beach.”
—Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author of Killer Heat

"Parker captures the dark side of South Beach-the glamour, the bling, and the night creatures who glide through the club scene with a drink in their hand and a malicious glint in their eye."
—Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author of Hold Tight

“No one writes like Barbara Parker about the sun-drenched gritty glamour of sinful Miami Beach. And her heroine C.J. Dunn is so well-drawn you want to reach into the pages and pull her back from the brink of disaster.”
—P.J. Parrish, New York Times bestselling author of South of Hell

“Parker has her fans, and female lawyers are a hot commodity in the genre at the moment.”

“This tantalizing novel of suspense…. zings with rich subtext”
Publishers Weekly

“Filled with twists on both a personal and professional level, THE DARK OF DAY is an exciting suspense thriller… the story line is action-packed from the onset as the spins and revelations keep on coming making Barbara Parker's tale an engaging read.’
—Harriet Klausner

“The characters come alive in this intensely plotted mystery where everyone carries a secret and appearances can be deceiving. Great characters, good pacing and lively action keep readers guessing until the very end.”
Romantic Times (Four Stars)
Barbara Parker
Bob Williamson
About Barbara Parker
Barbara Parker is a former prosecutor with the state attorney’s office in Dade County, Florida. She is the author of eleven mysteries, including Suspicion of Malice, which was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best First Novel by an American author. She lives in South Florida, where she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her pug, Max.

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