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Banquo’s Ghosts

A Novel
ISBN-10: 1593155085
ISBN-13: 9781593155087
$25.95 US · $30.00 CAN
Rights: World, excluding UK and Commonwealth
Published: March 2009
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About the Book

After learning that an Iranian scientist is in the process of developing nuclear weapons on Iranian soil, all-but-forgotten Spymaster Stewart Banquo initiates a rogue special operation. With the assistance of his most trusted agent, Robert Wallets, Banquo recruits Peter Johnson, a dissolute, morally bankrupt liberal news journalist, to travel to Iran. Johnson poses as a sympathetic reporter writing a piece on the country’s nuclear facilities. His mission: to kill the scientist. Like many elaborate plans, Johnson’s assassination attempt fails. The journalist falls into Iranian hands and is tortured to confess-a staggering security crisis for the United States. Aided by Wallets and the battle-hardened Marjorie Morningstar-the CIA operatives who trained him-Johnson escapes from Iran. Now back in the United States, Johnson helps Banquo and his CIA cohorts lead a team of federal agents and New York City officials in tracking down a group of suspected Iranian terrorists in New York who are planning to commit nuclear terrorism by dispersing a highly radioactive material throughout the city streets and subways. When Johnson’s only daughter is kidnapped by the Iranians, he and Banquo must race against time to save her…and the City of New York.
Richard Lowry
About Richard Lowry
Rich Lowry graduated in 1990 from the University of Virginia, where he studied English and history. He was named editor of National Review in 1997. He has written for the New York Times , the Washington Post , the Wall Street Journal , the Los Angeles Times , and a variety of other publications. He is a syndicated columnist and a commentator for the Fox News Channel. His book, Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years , was a New York Times bestseller. He lives in New York City.
About Keith Korman
Keith Korman is a graduate of Friends’ Seminary in New York City and Hobart College in Geneva, New York. A literary agent in his family’s firm Raines & Raines, he has represented a wide variety of authors in both fiction and nonfiction for the last 30 years. His previous works include Swan Dive, Archangel, and Secret Dreams. He lives in upstate New York.

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