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Defining Conservatism

Defining Conservatism

The Principles That Will Bring Our Country Back
ISBN-10: 1593156014
ISBN-13: 9781593156015
Also available: Paperback
$19.95 US · $25.00 CAN · £11.99 UK
Rights: World
Published: February 2010

About the Book

Defining Conservatism is a passionate appeal to a political movement that is re-examining its identity as Republicans set their sights on 2010 and beyond. A dedicated young conservative, Jonathan Krohn presents conservative philoso­phy’s basic tenets in this remarkably earnest and impeccably reasoned primer. This book, clear and informative, is a history lesson, a manifesto, and a road map for the future. It is Krohn’s rallying call to action not just for conservatives, but for anyone interested in the political state of our nation. In Defining Conservatism, Krohn challenges “government expansionists,” whose faith in Wash­ington and the basic pillars of government exceeds their faith in the individual. At the same time, he boldly stakes out four unshakable principles for conservatives to rally around: respect for the Constitution, respect for human life, belief in minimalist government, and insistence upon personal responsibility. Anyone interested in the basic differences between conservative and liberal thought will find Krohn’s writing at once compelling, informa­tive, intelligent, and in some respects controversial. Defin­ing Conservatism is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the basic principles upon which the United States was founded, and perhaps most importantly, for anyone who is concerned with the future of this country.
Jonathan Krohn
About Jonathan Krohn
Jonathan Krohn is a columnist, author, speaker, and political analyst. He previously has been a weekly guest columnist for Human Events. After speaking at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, Jonathan has spoken at numerous events for the Republican Party and at events for conservatives across the country. He has also taken an active role in the Tea Parties, from speaking at the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party to the Tea Party in Washington, D.C. Jonathan has been featured in political discussions on numerous television shows—The Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, Your World with Neil Cavuto, and Fox and Friends, among others—as well as numerous radio shows, including The Mike Gallagher Show, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, and The Mark Levin Show. He has formerly participated in a weekly radio spot with WBAL in Baltimore, Maryland. Jonathan is also a contributing writer for Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions. He currently lives with his family in Georgia.

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