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A Novel
ISBN-10: 1593154739
ISBN-13: 9781593154738
Mass Market Paperback
Also available: Hardcover
$7.99 US · $8.99 CAN
Rights: US & Canada
Published: March 2008

About the Book

It’s the second decade of the twenty-first century, and terrorism has escalated almost beyond control. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has been blown to bits by extremists and, in retaliation, thousands have died in another major attack on the United States. New weapons are being spawned in remote basement labs. No one feels safe. In North America, the FBI uses cutting-edge technology to thwart domestic terrorists. Sat-linked engine blockers stop drug-traffickers cold; devices the size of Magic Markers test for bio-hazards on the spot; 3-D projectors reconstruct crime scenes from hours-old evidence; and sophisticated bomb suits protect against all but the most savage forces. Despite all this, the War on Terror has reached a deadly stalemate. Now the FBI has been dispatched to deal with a new menace. Like the Anthrax threat of 2001, a plague targeted to ethnic groups-Jews or Muslims or both-has the potential to wipe out entire populations. But the FBI itself is under political assault. There’s a good chance agents William Griffin, Fouad Al-Husam, and Jane Rowland will be part of the last class at Quantico. As the young agents hunt a brilliant homegrown terrorist, they join forces with veteran bio-terror expert Rebecca Rose. But the plot they uncover-and the man they chase-proves far more complex than anyone expects.


"Quantico is a terrifying glimpse into the nightmare of global bio-terror. Greg Bear combines real-world science, headline news, and five-minutes-from-now extrapolation into an adrenaline-amped thriller that will scare the hell out of you." —Robert Crais, bestselling author of The Watchman

"One of the best thrillers I've ever read—a superb cautionary tale about the use of political and military power that confronts us in the world today." —Joe Haldeman, bestselling author of The Forever War

"Bear’s near-future science is, as always, eerily plausible…" —Publishers Weekly

"Far from the typical FBI procedural, sci-fi author Bear's latest is a dark look at the near future. Quantico confidently delivers a mix of forensic handiwork, bureaucratic insight, and futuristic speculation."
—Entertainment Weekly
Greg Bear
About Greg Bear
Greg Bear is the author of more than thirty books, including Blood Music, The Forge of God, and Darwin’s Radio. Bear has served on political and scientific action committees and has advised Microsoft Corporation, the U.S. Army, the CIA, Sandia National Laboratories, Callison Architecture, Inc., and other groups and agencies. His novels The Forge of God and Anvil of Stars have been optioned by Warner Brothers, and Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children have been optioned by Michael DeLuca and Howard Braunstein. Married to Astrid Anderson Bear, he is the father of Erik and Alexandra and lives in Lynnwood, Washington.

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